Our Partners

The main purpose of MPT MC is primarily to reach out to all levels of motoring enthusiast within Singapore and even Asia. With strong emphasis on taking motor racing away from the streets and into a safe and conducive environment, MPT MC will provide its members the “know-how” by means of conducting not just regular race events and competitions locally and internationally but to organise driving clinics, advance driving courses, interest specific competitive courses, technical courses and many more!

Stylish…Practical…Simply SP

Simply SP  is an online fashion store established with the sole aim of delivering fashionable and stylish wears to different categories of people  including the working  class  population  , teenagers,  kids  and  modern  house-wives. SP  stands  for  the  last  names  of  the two working partners.  It also stands for Simply Posh.

We are  simply  posh   because   all our   wears   are   sure  to match your taste, no matter the reason for the dressing. Our  garments  are designs, without  being uncomfortable  for  the body. Simply SP also moves takes the  latest global  trends, while also adding little touches that add the uniqueness we are known for.

Not  only  are  our   wears  beautiful  and   flawlessly  designed,  they  are  also  very  much affordable. You  don’t  have  to worry about spending so much to look awesome. So, do not hesitate  to  shop  at  our  online  store  and  have  your  pick  out of our impressive array of products.