22 April 2016

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Singapore. BMW Group Asia and Munich Automobiles have jointly launched the new BMW M2 Coupé at the BMW M Festival. Setting a fresh benchmark for dynamic potency and agility in the compact high-performance sports car segment, the new BMW M2 Coupé offers motorsport technology for the road and the race track.

The new compact BMW M2 Coupé has kept with the finest BMW M tradition, ensuring unbeatable driving fun on the race track, yet at the same time doing everything you need it to in everyday use. It promises an insatiable appetite for revs with a turbocharged engine that is capable of delivering a maximum output of 370 hp and peak torque at 465 Nm from 1,400 to 5,560 rpm, with an overboost function that can raise the maximum torque up to 500Nm (+35 Nm) from 1,450 to 4,750 rpm. When equipped with a 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic, it can propel itself from 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds, thanks to the innovative M TwinPower Turbo technology. This makes the BMW M2 Coupé up to 0.6 seconds faster than the BMW 1 Series M Coupé (340hp, 450 Nm from 1,500 to 4,500 rpm).

Mr. Axel Pannes, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia commented: “Since 1972, BMW M has built numerous legends that went on to conquer the hearts of motorsport fans from across the world. This includes the classic BMW 2002 Turbo and the original BMW M3 (E30). The BMW 2002 Turbo was one of the most emotionally rich cars of its time as well as the first series-produced European car to feature a turbocharger. The BMW M3 (E30), meanwhile, earned legendary status in motor racing series after it won numerous championship titles and remains the world’s most successful touring car racer to this day. Notably, both cars are close ancestors of the new BMW M2 Coupé. Another predecessor would be the limited-production BMW 1 Series M Coupé, which has earned the respect of car enthusiasts as a modern-day legend itself.

The new BMW M2 Coupé bears the same outstanding dynamics, unbeatable agility and optimal car control as these legendary cars, and is set to continue the amazing legacy that has been established”.

State-of-the-art M TwinPower Turbo technology.

The new BMW M2 Coupé is powered by a newly developed, three-litre six-cylinder in-line engine that deploys cutting-edge M TwinPower Turbo technology to develop explosive performance. Equipped with 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic, it is capable of delivering a maximum output of 370 hp and peak torque at 465 Nm from 1,400 to 5,560 rpm, with an overboost function that can raise the maximum torque up to 500Nm (+35 Nm) from 1,450 to 4,750 rpm. It can propel itself from 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds, thanks to the innovative M TwinPower Turbo technology.

Razor-sharp responses and optimal power delivery aside, the new BMW M2 Coupé enjoys reduced fuel consumption of just 7.9 litre per 100km and CO2 emissions of 185 g/km [as per LTA figures]. This is achieved thanks to various EfficientDynamics technology including the standard-fitted Auto Start Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration system, Electric Power Steering, as well as intelligent lightweight engineering. A good example of the latter would be the lightweight aluminium front and rear axles found in the new BMW M2 Coupé that is also available on the BMW M3 Sedan and BMW M4 Coupé. In fact, key car components like the control arms, wheel carriers, axle subframes and stiffening plate of the double-joint spring-strut front axle would have weighed up to 5 kg more should it have been built with a conventional steel construction. Further weight savings are provided by the aluminium suspension struts and tubular anti-roll bar.

Motorsport technology for the road.

The roots of BMW M GmbH lie in motor racing, as highlighted by the dynamic talent of all BMW M models. The new BMW M2 Coupé also sets the pace in its segment when it comes to agility, driving feeling, directional stability, steering precision and controllability at the limit, without short-changing the driver in everyday use.

Further, in order to transfer the car’s dynamic potential to the road as effectively as possible, the development of specific tyres for the new BMW M2 Coupé was incorporated into the axle construction from the outset. A certain set of factors take priority here – especially when dealing with a high-performance sports car. For example, a great deal is asked of the front wheels in terms of lateral stability, directional stability, steering feel and steering precision, while the rear wheels are called on to deliver optimal traction, lateral stability and directional stability. With this in mind, the BMW M development engineers decided to fit the new BMW M2 Coupé with aluminium wheels and mixed-size tyres.

The high-performance brakes of the new BMW M2 are also a product of motor sport and can be quickly identified by their brake callipers (front axle: four-piston fixed callipers, rear axle: two-piston fixed callipers), which are painted in a blue metallic finish and display the M logo at the front axle. In these M compound brakes, fitted as standard on the new BMW M2 Coupé, the heavily loaded, perforated and inner-vented brake disc ring is made from greycast iron (front axle: 380 mm in diameter, rear axle: 370 mm in diameter), while the brake disc hub is manufactured from aluminium, thus further saving weight.

Drifts on the race track.

To give the new BMW M2 Coupé a little extra on the dynamic front, it comes with M Dynamic Mode (MDM). MDM is a sub-function of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), which effectively counteracts incipient oversteer or understeer or a loss of traction by taking steps (reducing engine power, braking individual wheels) to stabilise the car. However, in certain situations – e.g. sporty and dynamic driving on the race track – a greater degree of wheel spin can be an advantage. Here, MDM, which is activated automatically in the recommended track mode (SPORT+) or can be engaged with a short dab of the DSC button, allows greater slip. The stabilising measures familiar from DSC mode now intervene later, increasing the freedom available to drivers at the dynamic limit. The extra wheel slip enhances traction and therefore propulsion. More significant oversteer and understeer are possible, as are moderate, controlled drifts, but the DSC active safety aids can still be relied on in critical situations.

Dynamic excellence as standard.

The standard equipment of the new BMW M2 Coupé already features all the essential elements of a performance-oriented design. They include lightweight M Sport suspension and as well as the Active M Differential at the rear axle, which optimises traction and maximises directional stability. The seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT) with Drivelogic is also available allowing gear changes with no interruption in the flow of power and optimal acceleration off the line courtesy of the integrated Launch Control function.

Exclusivity guaranteed.

The standard equipment list for the new BMW M2 Coupé, which is available in four exterior paint finishes (Long Beach Blue metallic, Alpine White, Black Sapphire and Mineral Grey), also includes M sports seats, an M leather steering wheel, an M footrest and a knee pad on the centre console, trim strips in porous carbon fibre, instruments in M2-specific design and the M logo on the door sill plates, gearshift lever, steering wheel and rev counter.

BMW ConnectedDrive.

BMW ConnectedDrive is the epitome of intelligent networking of driver, vehicle and the environment that raises the level of convenience and infotainment for the driver and passengers. It also enhances the safety level for both people inside a BMW vehicle and for those in the vicinity. Thanks to a built-in SIM card, the new BMW M2 Coupé now comes fully-equipped with the full suite of BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps including BMW Online, BMW Apps as well as ConnectedDrive Options such as Intelligent Emergency Call, Real Time Traffic Information, Concierge Services, Remote Services and Teleservices.

Munich Automobiles currently retails the new BMW M2 Coupé starting from $276,800 (including COE) (including COE).

BMW M Festival.

BMW M Festival arrives in Asia for the first time to bring together like-minded folk who enjoy the sweet scent of burnt rubber. Hailing from Nüburgring, Germany, the BMW M Festival will showcase a variety of BMW M race cars, including the classic BMW M1, BMW M3 (E30), BMW 2002 Turbo, just to name few. Only a total of 300 registered guests are expected to attend the festival.