22 April 2016

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Singapore, 13 April 2016 – The pre-wedding checklist is nearly done – suit and gown, rings, banquet booking, invitations, honeymoon tickets… But what about the wedding car?

Many couples end up using their own car or borrowing one for the big day. Some have a car that is bundled together with a wedding package, which more often than not is expensive yet generic.

Volkswagen Singapore understands this, which is why it set up the wedding rental programme. For a very reasonable price, couples can opt for either the iconic Beetle or open-top Golf Cabriolet to have and to hold – and to drive, of course – over their wedding weekend.

Both cars have the ‘Pure White’ paint colour which photographs beautifully, and matches well with a wide range of styling themes and decorations. They come washed and vacuumed prior to each rental, and couples can relax in the knowledge that the cars also undergo a full technical check-up. During the handover, a Volkswagen representative will be on hand to explain all of the car’s features in detail.

Each rental includes insurance for two drivers, because it would not be fair to let only one person enjoy the driving fun! Or perhaps the preferred arrangement would be for a friend to chauffeur the couple around. This would be comfortable too, thanks to the large doors of both the Beetle and Golf Cabriolet. They allow for easy entry into and exit out of the car, even for someone wearing a long tail dress. What’s more, the cars’ large boots provide plenty of storage space for wedding bric-a-brac, or even for suitcases if it is destination honeymoon right after returning the car.

With all this on offer, it would not be surprising to find many couples making their vows over the next months – to have a Volkswagen as their wedding car. Those interested in the programme can visit to find out more.