21 March 2016

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Singapore. The new Boxster Spyder has finally arrived in Singapore. It as unveiled at Porsche Centre Singapore on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, to an exclusive audience of esteemed journalists and various members of the media, in the evening that saw over thirty prople in attendance.

The Boxster Spyder is engineered to be a radical return to the roots of the roadster. It is meant to be purist, unfiltered, and evocative to go back to a time when few choices available meant few complications possible and consequently more purist pleasure and enjoyment in every mile driven.

To truly keep in line with this thinking, not even the radio or air conditioning made the cut to be included as standard option. The significant weight savings from the omission of both result in the lightest and most powerful Boxster ever made, one that only takes approximately 4.5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, he is capable of delivering a top speed of 290 km/h. To put these figures into perspective, the flat-six engine humming beneath the athletic silhouette of this light weight model has enough power and torque to propel it forward and complete the century sprint in about the same time as Cayman GT4.

The Boxster Spyder is Porsche’s way of keeping its timeless tradition of delivering pure, un adulterated driving pleasure alive, all while preserving its classic and vintage feel and simultaneously revamping the aesthetics and technology just enough to break more modern- day boundaries and deliver its most powerful Boxster yet. The minimalistic fabric roof is still partially manually operated kust like the 1953 original-yet another light weight savings-and of course, a Porsche designed and built to be a radical return to the roots of the roadster cannot truly justify that designation unless it were made available only in manual transmission.

‘Those who know and understand Porsche will know that it is a brand that is constantly on the move, making progress and developments long before they can even believed to be possible, let alone commonplace. The most impressive part of the Porsche brand, however, is its choice to continuously honour its roots and keep its history and traditions alive all while striving to make leaps and bounds forward, which many can attest is an extremely tough balancing act. With the new Boxster Spyder, Porsche has once again shown the world that it is truly capable of engineering a fine sports car that is not only sure to provide you with hours of thrilling driving adventures, but also one that remains true to its beginnings and rich, historic background,” said Mr. Karsono Kwee, Executive Chairman of Eurokars Group.

About the all-new Porsche Boxster Spyder As a true original roadster, the Boxster Spyder offers a traditional sports-car driving experience but with contemporary performance. This means a firm sports suspension with a 20-mm lower rode height, brakes taken from the 911 Carrera, more direct steering, and a 3.8 liter six-cylinder engine with an output of 375hp (276 kW). Drivers and passengers can thus look forward to a genuine sports-car experience with outstanding driving dynamics. NEDC overall fuel consumption amounts to 0.9 I/100km.

The distinctive design of the Boxster Spyder includes stylistic elements that recall the legendary sports and race cars from Porsche. For example, as a tribute to the 718 Spyder from the 1960s, the new Boxster Spyder has two prominent streamlined bulges that extend down along the long rear lid behind the headrests. The partially manually operated, light weight top is suitable for everyday use and brings to mind roadsters from the past, while the fins that stretch back to the rear lend the vehicle’s silhouette its characteristic design. The front and rear end of the model were taken from the Cayman GT4

More so than in any other Boxster, the interior of the new top model creates an atmosphere that elicits a feeling of pure driving pleasure. The driver and passenger sit in light sports bucket seats with large side supports, while the new steering wheel with diameter of 360 mm helps ensure the mid-engine roadster can be driven precisely and with great agility.

As mentioned above, in line with the model’s purist design neither a radio nor air conditioner is included as standard equipment in order to reduce weight. However, both can be ordered ex-factory as optional equipment at no extra cost. In addition, the entire range of Boxster audio system is available for customers to choose from as an option. The Porsche Communication Management (PCM)) system can also be ordered as optional equipment, for example.

Retail prices of the new Boxster Spyder

Boxster Spyder from SGD 382,588*

*Prices include a 5-year free maintenance and warranty program, market-specific equipment, GST but exclude COE. It covers all servicing needs as well as maintenance and repair costs, including regular wear and tear. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice, Terms & conditions apply.