22 June 2016

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(Singapore, 30 June 2016) Bentley Singapore today becomes the first of Bentley’s showrooms in the Asia Pacific region to implement the brand’s new corporate identity, following an extensive upgrade to its premises at 45 Leng Kee Road.

Drawing inspiration from the company’s rich 97-year history and combining it with modern-day luxury retailing, the new showroom also features a private personalisation area where customers can choose from the brand’s broad palette of exterior paints and leather options.

Davis Jackson, Bentley Regional Manager Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific, commented: “The new showroom has been designed to give our customers a bold, clear and contemporary vision of the Bently brand, and is finished with the same level of luxury for which our cars are renowned. Our number one priority is to ensure that our customers have a unique Bentley experience. In this new showroom they will enter an exclusive world of unparalleled design, personalised service, automotive passion and unmatched attention to detail.”

Stepping inside the new showroom, Bentley customers will notice that the luxury materials which adorn the British luxury brand’s cars (notably leather, wood and polished metals) have been integrated into every feature of the design. The carpets are made from the same rich lambswool used in Bentley’s vehicle interior carpets, the furniture is trimmed in Bentley leather, and customer commissioning areas are enveloped by contemporary solid oak panels. Showroom seating, tables, display stands and the concierge coffee and champagne bar are all hand-trimmed with bespoke, highly polished stainless steel.

The relaunch of the Bentley Singapore Showroom marks the start of a new chapter, along with the highly anticipated arrival of the all-new Bentayaga- the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world. Test drives on the Bentley Bentayga are available from mid July at the new home of Bentley Singapore.

Bentley Bentayga – The Bentley of SUVs

The Bentayga is Bentley’s fourth model line, establishing a new category of car – the luxury SUV. In the same way that the Continental redefined the idea of a Grand Tourer in 2002, the Bentayga will be the benchmark against which other SUVs are measured. The Bentayga establishes a new ultra-luxury segment, and is the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world.

A suite of state-of0the-art driver assistance systems and infortainment features designed to enhance safety, comfort and convenience make the Bentayga an innovative, advanced and connected luxury SUV.

The New Bentayga has the finest automotive interior in the world, with handcrafted wood and leather throughout – engineered with precise tolerances to deliver absolute perfection. The attention to detail is the epitome of modern British luxury, and is only achievable thanks to the exceptional skill of the workforce in Crewe, integrating traditional craftsmanship with modern production techniques and materials.

The all-new W12 engine combines efficiency and refinement with the luxury of unrivalled power and torque, resulting in the world’s most powerful and fastest SUV. With the new, advanced and light-weight powertrain delivering 608 PS and 900 Nm of torque, it means a 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 301 km/h. A new and highly advanced Bentley chassis provides ride quality and refinement impervious to driving conditions.

The retail price of the Bentayga starts from SGD 900,000*.

*Price excludes COE.