20 January 2016

Porsche Record Year_2015_1 Porsche Record Year_2015_2 Porsche Record Year_2015_3 Porsche Record Year_2015_4 Porsche Record Year_2015_6Singapore. Porsche successfully achieved another record year with delivery of 5,583 cars in the Asia Pacific region, which is an increase of 15 percent compared to 2014.

The iconic 911 models maintained its steady growth at 408 units, even in the model year change, while 392 Boxster and Cayman were delivered. The Macan became the most coveted Porsche last year with 2,888 deliveries and followed by the SUV Cayenne, with 1,639 units sold. The four-door Gran Turismo Panamera contributed to 256 units of deliveries.

An increase of 15% compared to 2014 confirms the continuous growth year over year in the Asia Pacific region. “Series of exciting, fascinating sports cars are coming to our region this year starting with the new 911 in the beginning of the year. We believe that the newly branded Boxster and Cayman as the 718 models will experience renewed growth in 2016. Our latest addition to the model portfolio Macan will continue to bring first-time buyers to the world of Porsche. Porsche’s appealing sports cars combined with our continuous focus on customer fascination through an outstanding purchase and ownership experience will continue to create upswing trend in the years to come,” said Martin Limpert, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific.

Taiwan contributed 3,355 vehicles to the total sales of Porsche in the Asia Pacific region. Sales in Malaysia and Singapore grew to 1,120 units. Important growing markets within the region, including Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam continue to develop positively to a total of almost 1,000 units. Sales in Brunei, Cambodia, French Polynesia, Mongolia, New Caledonia and Sri Lanka represented 197 units.

“2015 marked the 30th anniversary of Stuttgart Auto, sole dealer of Porsche in Singapore since 1985. For the past thirty years we have proudly represented Porsche in Singapore, a brand that consistently continues to excite and thrill its fans around the world by producing one exciting sports car after another in quick succession. In 2015 a new sales record could be achieved in Singapore. The Porsche Macan has given us a very strong entrance into a whole new customer segment. Also the all-new Cayenne that was unveiled in January 2015 contributed significantly to our robust sales last year. I am looking forward to an even more exciting model year in 2016, especially with the upcoming launch of the latest Porsche 911 generation that features innovative turbo charged engines. This will pave the way for us to further strengthen Porsche as the sports car brand here in Singapore.” said Karsono Kwee, Executive Chairman of Eurokars Group.